News: Last updated 01/15/2019

Tuo Zhao recognized for excellence in teaching
Tuo Zhao

Research group member, Tuo Zhao, served as the teaching assistant for CEE4803, Origami Engineering, and was recognized by his students through the "Thank A Teacher Program" of Georgia Tech's Center for Teaching and Learning. View the award, which highlights Tuo's "teaching style and dedication to helping students learn".

Origami research featured by Georgia Tech Research Horizons
Origami FSS

Recent research that demonstrates the use of origami for tunable radio frequency filters was featured by Georgia Tech Research Horizons.

Ke Liu defended PhD dissertation
Ke Liu

Research group member Ke Liu, successfully defended his dissertation titled "Origami and Tensegrity: Structures and Metamaterials" on Wednesday December 5, 2018 at 5:00pm in room 3132 of the Mason Building at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Xiaojia Shelly Zhang received Best PhD Thesis Award
Shelly Zhang

Research group member Xiaojia Shelly Zhang was selected for the 2018 Best PhD Thesis Award by the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Georgia Tech.

Xiaojia Shelly Zhang accepts faculty position
Shelly Zhang

Research group member Xiaojia Shelly Zhang will join the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as an Assistant Professor in January 2019.

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